Digital Platform

Roll is a digital platform for visualization and monitoring of shared micro-mobility. We help cities to understand new mobility forms such as shared bicycles and e-scooters and simplify their collaboration with shared micro-mobility service providers. We automate the entire process including data collection, visualization, permit management and safety measures.

Data and KPI’s

Overview of real-time vehicle locations, visual representation of traffic flows and KPI’s


Automating the management of permits issued by city authorities to the service providers. Allowing cities to define “functional zones” with operational restrictions (such as parking restrictions and speed limits) and publishing them in real-time to the service providers


Automated controlling of permitted fleets and their operations. Incentivizing the service providers by calculating variable charges for their permits

Customized analysis

Custom reports and real-time maps based on your specific needs


Data Visualisation Toolkit

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Value Propositions

For city authorities

Keeping constant overview over shared bicycles and e-scooters and improving collaboration with service providers. Reducing safety risks and simplifying the administration of permits and billing


For transport planning offices
Getting all data around shared micro-mobility at one place
For public transport and other mobility providers

State-of-the-art tools for understanding the operation of shared micro-mobility and its potentials for their business


For shared mobility service providers
State-of-the-art tools for getting insights out of their own data and identifying new business models